Field House

by Bureau Spectacular / Hosted by Archinect

Conceived as an intimate area for the exchange of ideas, this pavilion designed by UCLA faculty member Jimenez Lai will be the venue for the newest episode of the Next Up series of live podcasts hosted by Paul Petrunia, founder of the Pasadena-based architecture and design website, Archinect. Visitors are encouraged to assemble in the green space surrounding the structure to enjoy wide-ranging discussions on art and architecture.

About Bureau Spectacular

Bureau Spectacular practices architecture through the contemplation of art, history, politics, sociology, linguistics, mathematics, graphic design, technology and storytelling. 

About Archinect

Founded by Paul Petrunia in 1997, Archinect is one of the longest-running online portals dedicated to bringing together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines.


Red Line

by Doron Gazit in collaboration with Armory Center for the Arts

Symbolizing a persistent thread weaving through earth’s ecological issues, Doron Gazit’s inflatable, bio-neutral, red “lines” have spanned the globe—from Tokyo and Dubai to the San Joaquin Valley and the Dead Sea—connecting cultures that are experiencing the stresses of drought, climate change, and other environmental red alerts.

About Doron Gazit

Creator of the ubiquitous, billowing “Fly Guys” for the 1984 Olympics, Israeli-trained Los Angelino Doron Gazit is an artist, industrial designer, and environmentalist whose work interfaces with nature, technology, and industry with modern sensibilities and playfulness.


Three Dunnage Balls

by Peter Tolkin Architecture in collaboration with Armory Center for the Arts

This installation by Peter Tolkin Architecture consists of three 22-foot diameter icosahedrons made by stitching together 30 dunnage bags. Dunnage bags are inflatable bladders used in the shipping industry to isolate and stabilize loads during transit. An open-air interactive scent lab hosted by Andre’ Barnwell will occupy the space in between the three balls. 

About Peter Tolkin Architecture

Based in Southern California, Peter Tolkin Architecture specializes in residential, commercial/retail, and cultural/arts-based projects. Founded in 2000, the practice mines relevant and social, environmental, political and aesthetic concerns as opportunities to build meaningful work. Over the past decade, the firm has achieved recognition for its distinctive designs that draw from the rich cultural conditions that characterize the world we live in.


About Armory Center for the Arts

Pasadena's Armory Center for the Arts is the LA-region's premiere institution combining contemporary art exhibitions and community-based, artist-driven education for children, teens, and adults. Independent and nonprofit, the Armory builds on the power of art to transform lives and communities through creating, teaching, and presenting contemporary art.


Tournament of Roses® Archway

by Phoenix Decorating

This passageway into Arroyo Seco Weekend comes with the perfect pedigree. Phoenix Decorating is one of the official float builders for the Tournament of Roses. This entryway takes inspiration from the Spanish Colonial Revival architecture of Pasadena City Hall re-imagined in the style of a parade float.

About Phoenix Decorating

Established in 1956, the Phoenix Decorating Company is a designer and builder of floats for the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.